Finally! Another Delphi book!

The title ".NET 2.0 for Delphi Programmers" might sound misleading at first, but as I have seen the table of contents, which can be looked at here, I immediatelly pre-ordered it. It is already available in the United States at, but not yet in Germany.

The book is written for Delphi developers who want to get to know .NET. I was pretty overwhelmed when I looked at Delphi for .NET without actually knowing anything about .NET. At that time, there was only a book that dealt with C# to show what .NET was all about. However, right now I would have the choice to order a book that used Delphi instead of another language.

So, count yourselves lucky and be happy that you can order a Delphi book that can get you started with .NET and gives you a whole lot of the details you need. I prepared two links: United States and Germany.

Thanks Jon!

Note: venkatesh pointed out that he found an eBook-version that is available for 30$. I just wanted to point it out, but have not googled for it yet.