Celebrating our 20th anniversary!

As you may already know, this October we are celebrating our company’s 20th birthday! And of course we want you to celebrate with us.
In addition to the current ongoing action of winning a limited edition "TMS FNC Maps hands-on" book, we have another special promotion for you!

Get 30% discount on online courses at landgraf.dev
This promotion runs until November 15, 2020.

Available courses

TMS Business Masterclass: Delphi developers looking to learn more about ORM, REST/JSON development, multi-tier applications and also some background about TMS Business tools, with code examples.
Introduction to TMS WEB Core: Developers looking to build WEB applications using Delphi, following modern Single-Page-Application architecture.

What is the language spoken in the course?

In all videos of this training course you have the options to turn on subtitles, and they were not auto-translated. All subtitles were written manually to make sense and with technical terms spelled correctly.

Full source code for examples

Each lecture of this course that uses a sample project has an associated downloadable file which includes the full source code of the example.

Your Instructor

Wagner is founder of landgraf.dev, a place for Delphi developers to find information and courses about Delphi. Even though being a Master of Science in Engineering, he's a developer at heart. Having worked with Delphi since its very first version in 1995, and being partner of TMS Software (a renowned company that provides solutions for Delphi), Wagner is the main developer behind popular Delphi frameworks like TMS Aurelius, TMS XData and TMS Scripter, among others.

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