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I know ModelMaker Tools could do this: [WayBack] Quick Question … are there any good tools available to generate class diagrams / hierarchy from existing code? Or doesn’t anyone do that anymore ? – Stefaan…

While the Delphi 10.4.1 release last week was mostly focused on quality it does have a few interesting features, highlighted in recent blog posts.

Since WayBack cannot save G+ photos, here is one from [WayBack] So, now I’m in front of a problem similar to a former one: I need to get the pixel position of the current editor…

Yes there are a lot of services to make App Store screen shots, many are even good and some well worth paying for. Finding the right one can take time and then updating your app…

Open array parameters in Delphi are one of the unique language constructs in Delphi. While their syntax resembles that of a dynamic array they are a different thing. In fact under the hood they consist…

I’ve been using this blog site for 15 years today.

Today I will give a few examples of cases that are not big enough to warrant a full-time performance tester, where “traditional” “functional” testers and test groups stepped up to do the work. I’ll show…

WinRTThe WinRT (Windows Runtime) API was introduced with Windows 8, although it’s fair to say that most of us have tried our level best to forget that particular Windows release and pretend it never happened….

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