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September 2009

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Beware of the Past

All Play and no Work – Undiscovered thingsA few days ago, Jolyon Smith warned Delphi users to Mind the Gap(s). The warning is about how assigning specific ordinal values to enum members defeats the RTTI system. He writes: This is what I love about Delphi. After almost 15 years of Delphi’ing there’s still new things to ...
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March 2007

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Ending a Server Session when a Browser Window closes

All Play and no Work – The infamous "Log Off" problemI'm working on a webapplication using Delphi 2006 and Intraweb 8. Basic stuff: the user logs on, does some database work, and then logs off. Or rather: that's how I would like it to work...The reality is, alas, that users rarely use the provided "log off" button, but ...
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February 2007

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Adding a custom Ocl Operation to ECO

All Play and no Work – Some Background InfoTo get myself acquainted with ECO and ASP.NET, I started with a simple (but long time overdue) pet project: a web based bug reporting utility. Noting fancy, mind, just a way for my users to report bugs or feature requests, and a way for myself to mark submitted reports as ...
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Hello World

All Play and no Work – Before even thinking about starting a Blog, I wanted to make sure I could easily post code snippets, without endlessly hassling with html markup. A mere copy and paste won't preserve formatting, so I needed a simple tool to convert source code to html, preferably giving me the possibility of doing ...
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