Friday, 8. May 2020

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Exit Stage Left – The Exit procedure has been around as long as Goto in Object Pascal.  Goto is considered an antiquated command, but what about about Exit?  When should it be used if at all? I have often seen guard code at the beginning of a method that performs an Exit if the parameters passed are not appropriate ...
Details Favorite? Off-Topic? Larry Hengen @ 21:02
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Support for FastMM 5 is available in EurekaLog

EurekaLog Blog – We are pleased to announce the availability of support for FastMM 5 in EurekaLog. FastMM is a fast replacement memory manager for Embarcadero Delphi applications that scales well across multiple threads and CPU cores, is not prone to memory fragmentation, and supports shared memory without the use ...
Details Favorite? Off-Topic? GunSmoker @ 14:29
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Custom Managed Records Coming to Delphi 10.4

Marco's Tech Blog – What is a Managed Record in Delphi? Records in Delphi can have fields of any data type. When a record has plain (non-managed) fields, like numeric or other enumerated values there isn’t much to do for the compiler. Creating and disposing the record consists of ...
Details Favorite? Off-Topic? marcocantu @ 08:46
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