Tuesday, 1. October 2019

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The Single Worst Mistake any Software Product Based Company Can Make

Delphi Code Monkey – I am a long time follower and reader of Joel Spolsky. Way way back in 2000, he penned what has become a seminal blog post.Things You Should Never Do, Part 1It should be required reading for all leadership teams in all software companies, especially the small ones, because those are the ones most ...
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TMS Training Days 2019: Introduction speaker 1

TMS Software Blog – Marion Candau PhD in cryptography Developer at Cyberens, a French cybersecurity company located in Bordeaux. TMS Cryptography Pack architect MVP Embarcadero She mainly develops cybersecurity-related applications and advises clients to use cryptographic tools and libraries in their own ...
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Puzzling a Pascal developer with 33 years experience under the belt

TMS Software Blog – Recently we received via our support a remark that the following Object Pascal code failed in a TMS WEB Core application procedure TWebForm1.Button1Click(Sender: TObject); function TestFunction: TStringList; begin Result.Clear; Result.Add('ABC'); Result.Add('DEF'); ...
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