Tuesday, 6. November 2018

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Delphi: updating a (potentially non-existing) item in a generic TDictionary: use ExtractPair. Except in Delphi 2010/XE.

The Wiert Corner – “Documented” in Delphi 2010, [] Generics.Collections.TDictionary.ExtractPair – RAD Studio VCL Reference, and functioning bug-free since Delphi XE2, but still hardly documented, [] System.Generics.Collections.TDictionary.ExtractPair – XE2 API Documentation ...
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Validating a nested XML element with an empty namespace using XSD – Stack Overflow

The Wiert Corner – In a quest for making Delphi Group Project XML files (with extension .groupproj) validate with XSD, I had to find out about [WayBack] Validating a nested XML element with an empty namespace using XSD – Stack Overflow. I needed the XSD so I could import it in Delphi in order to write a good ...
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How to deal with send failures in EurekaLog

EurekaLog Blog – You (as developer) is interested in getting as much bug reports as possible. First, you have to select a reliable send method for delivering reports from users to you. However, it may be not enough. Sending may fail for many reasons: Unplugged network cable; Turned off wi-fi; Bad wi-fi signal ...
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