Friday, 27. July 2018

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Hydra 6: Mixing .NET and Java

RemObjects Blogs – Last week, we shipped Hydra 6 – a brand new version of our plug-in framework for mixing .NET, Delphi and Island code in the same app. Hydra 6 adds a new code platform to the mix: Java. With Hydra 6, your .NET host applications can now load Java runtime code and have it run (and show visually) next ...
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Thursday, 26. July 2018

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How to Hire the Agile Team You Need – You’re interested in hiring for an existing team that purports to be “agile,” whatever that means. Tell me, if you can: What’s core to the culture of that team — what do they hold near and dear about how they work? Which one technical element is a must-have — if there are any? If you can’t answer ...
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A new world opens for FNC: the world-wide-web!

TMS Software Blog – Yesterday, we released TMS WEB Core v1.0 Brescia edition. This brings RAD component based development of web client applications from the Delphi IDE. TMS WEB Core is designed to be open. It comes with numerous built-in UI controls that are close equivalents to standard VCL controls like TButton, ...
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