Tuesday, 17. July 2018

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Loop wars - measuring performance

Delphi sorcery – Today on Google+ there was some off topic discussion going on and the claim was being made that for-in loops are slower than for-to loops and some benchmark was being posted to back that argument.Because I like to measure and investigate things I looked into that. I was running the following ...
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From the bragging “Did you know the IDE starts almost twice as fast in 10.2.2 as it did in 10.1?”

The Wiert Corner – An interesting discussion sprouted from the bragging [WayBack] Did you know the IDE starts almost twice as fast in 10.2.2 as it did in 10.1?… – David Millington – Google+. I do not care very much about IDE ...
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Enabling GetIt Install Logs for RAD Studio Installation

Marco's Tech Blog – At times, RAD Studio GetIt-based web installer stops with some fairly vague error message. These can be due to connectivity issues, odd file system configurations, lack of disk space, an existing partial install, and other causes. But some of the error messages like "operation error" don't explain ...
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GExperts “Set Component Properties”

The Wiert Corner – I totally forgot about [] GExperts Help: Set Component Properties The main reason is that I hardly use any live connections in Delphi applications any more for mainly two reasons: timing issues (varying from taking way too long to open something, via order what needs to be opened ...
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