Friday, 13. April 2018

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The Value of Risk-Based Testing From an Agile Viewpoint – When I first heard about risk-based testing, I interpreted it as an approach that could help devise a targeted test strategy. Back then I was working with a product-based research and development team. We were following Scrum and were perpetually working with tight deadlines. These short sprints ...
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Thursday, 12. April 2018

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David Heffernan was on a bug reporting spree. Compiler unit tests could have detected these much faster.

The Wiert Corner – For my archive, most bugs around UInt64 handling, lots of them in the Windows x64 compiler, all by David Heffernan: [WayBack] Who can guess what value is returned by StrToFloat(‘߀’) if the PUREPASCAL version of StrToFloat is used ……. Make sure that you copy and paste ...
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Delphi attributes cannot use `const x: array of string` as argument

The Wiert Corner – [WayBack] I want to annotate some of my enumerated types with human facing names. So I want to write: type[Names(‘Explicit time domain’, ‘Implicit time domain’,… – David Heffernan – Google+ This does not work: constructor Create(const Values: array of ...
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Improve Android and iOS debug compilation speed – grijjy blog – Set the Debug information option to Limited Debug information

The Wiert Corner – If you develop mobile apps with Delphi, you know it: compiling for Android and iOS is sloooooooooooooow, especially for debug builds. This little tip makes compiling Debug builds much faster…… Set the Debug information option to Limited Debug information When I read a thing like that, I always think ...
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