Wednesday, 27. December 2017

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Ideara / Embaracdero at least fixed some of their security issues…

The Wiert Corner – Some security improvements A long while ago I quoted [WayBack] Ideara / Embaracdero is flushing away user trust in their ability to do secure computing… – Jeroen Wiert Pluimers – Google+. Since then they have fixed some of the issues: EDN password reset email messages do not ...
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Valid reasons for having Delphi AnsiString on Mobile platform…not only for Internet but for Shaders also. //…

The Wiert Corner – It’s too bad that you need workarounds to get ByteStrings working on mobile devices as there are APIs there (like shaders) that work best with them. There was a nice discussion on this last year at [WayBack] I miss AnsiString on Mobile…not only for Internet but for Shaders also.// ...
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c# – Why does Try-Catch require curly braces – Stack Overflow

The Wiert Corner – From my SO Question Archive: Just curious: Why is the syntax for try catch in C# (Java also?) hard coded for multiple statements? Why doesn’t the language allow: int i; string s = DateTime.Now.Seconds % 2 == 1 ? "1" : "not 1"; try i = int.Parse(s); catch i = 0; The example is for trivial ...
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