Tuesday, 31. October 2017

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Especially important for Delphi users on Windows 10 Creators Update: IDE Fix Pack 6.1 released | Andy’s Blog and Tools

The Wiert Corner – The new [] IDE Fix Pack 6.1 released | Andy’s Blog and Tools is huge, especially for Windows 10 targets: Windows 10 Creators Update 1703 caused issues with all Delphi programs, libraries and packages because it changed how Windows loads imported DLLs in such a way that it causes ...
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Technical the same but different generated code

Andy's Blog – While debugging the String4D code to hunt down a bug in the CompilerSpeedPack, I saw a lot of CopyRecord/FinalizeRecord calls with a try/finally that the compiler generated. If you have a record with managed fields (string, interface, …) and use it as a function return type the Delphi compiler will ...
Details Favorite? Off-Topic? Andreas Hausladen @ 12:02
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Until someone writes proper string visualisers for the Delphi debugger…

The Wiert Corner – A few tricks to write long strings to files when the Delphi debugger cuts them off (just because they like using 4k buffers internally); TStringStream.Create(lRequestMessage).SaveToFile('c:\temp\temp.txt') TIniFile.Create('c:\a.txt').WriteString('a','a',BigStringVar) TFileStream.Create('c:\a.txt', ...
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