Saturday, 26. August 2017

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Testers Diary – Moving From Silo to Team Room – In a previous diary, I spoke a little bit about how testing looked before I moved into the development team room. “Throw it over the wall” was a pretty accurate description. A product spent months in development, sometimes over a year. Then, when it was getting close to ‘done’, the test team would ...
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Friday, 25. August 2017

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More beautiful code by Asbjørn Heid

The Wiert Corner – If you’re in Delphi land, then Asbjørn Heid is a a guy to follow on G+. He has some brilliant snippets (most can be found on by searching for Asbjørn Delphi This is actually one set: Working code: Tuple duple – – Irish For Pastebin [WayBack] ...
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Writing a Simple DSL Compiler with Delphi [1. The Language]

The Delphi Geek – Part 1: The LanguageThis article provides an informal definition of a simple language (a.k.a. "The Language") I am writing a compiler for. If you are new to this series, I would recommend to start reading with this post.Let's start with a simple example which calculates an i-th Fibonacci ...
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