Tuesday, 28. March 2017

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Firemonkey TMemo Scrolling

Olaf Monien – When you add lines to a TMemo in Delphi Applications, then you might want to scroll to the very end of that particular Memo, so that the newest lines are kept in view. In FireMonkey it’s as easy as just calling GoToTextEnd: You might notice though, that when you clear…Read More
Details Favorite? Off-Topic? Olaf Monien @ 19:01
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The Value of Code Reviews

Rob's Technology Corner – I have recently seen code that that looked like this. try ... Lines of Code here ...exceptend;or procedure TCustomClass.MethodDoThis()begin ... 20 Lines of code ...end; procedure TCustomClass.MethodDoThis2()begin ... Same 20 Lines of code with slight modification ...end; Both produced code that ...
Details Favorite? Off-Topic? Robert Love @ 17:04
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Upcoming event: TMS Day in Fredericia, Denmark on May 18th

TMS Software Blog – We are excited to announce that Jens Fudge, Embarcadero MVP for Denmark, and TMS software are planning a TMS day in Denmark on May 18th. All day, sessions will be spent on TMS VCL components, TMS FNC components and TMS Cloud components and with also sufficient session time allocated to handle your ...
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