Thursday, 16. March 2017

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(True = 1) and (True = ‘-1’) ?

Te Waka o Delphi – It has been observed that the Delphi documentation states that the constants True and False have the values 1 and 0 respectively, not the -1 and 0 that the default string conversions apply. This does actually make sense but also lays a trap for the unwary. True, True, Wherefore Art Thou -1 ? In the ...
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Anatomy of a utility function: BoolToStr()

Te Waka o Delphi – Jaap Van Goor was asking on FaceBook about some seemingly strange behaviour when obtaining string representations of Booleans using the Delphi RTL, which led me to revisit some familiar (and some not so familiar) old Delphi ground and take a look at the area involved in further detail. First of all, ...
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