Friday, 10. February 2017

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Dataset Enumerator Reloaded

The Art of Delphi Programming – A couple of years ago I wrote a two-part article about a dataset enumerator: A Magical Gathering – Part 1 and Part 2. Well, things evolved a bit since then and I wondered how one would implement something similar given the current features of Delphi. Actually I am following here a suggestion ...
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Thursday, 9. February 2017

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My Top 10 Aurelius Features - #4 Aurelius Dataset

TMS Software Blog – I consider Aurelius Dataset (TAureliusDataset) a hidden gem of TMS Aurelius. Well, not exactly "hidden" because it's a significant part of it to deserve its own chapter in the Aurelius documentation, but in the sense that it's different from the normal ORM "core" which is update, insert, delete, ...
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Writing and Enabling Delphi Application to Support High DPI Displays and 4K Screen Resolutions

Zarko Gajic – Woohoo! After a few weeks of struggle I’ve finally high-dpi enabled my used-across-the-globe Delphi application. It was not a too hard job – it just took a lot of time and experimenting (read: fixing) how the UI of the application appears on various 4K displays having various settings for “Make ...
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Date format converter from Text or Unix/Mac/Filetime/Microsoft to virtually any readable form

The Wiert Corner – Brilliant Date format converter from dates in Text (almost any format) or timestamp numbers in Unix, Mac, Filetime or Microsoft (which is the same as Delphi TDateTime) format to any of these formats: Text Date: Date in human-readable text Wednesday, March 23, 2016 4:05:39pm RFC 822: RFC 822 ...
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