Wednesday, 1. June 2016

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There Can Only Be One – At a Time!

The Art of Delphi Programming – Handling Different Versions of Design Packages inside the IDE – Reloaded This is a follow up of my previous post There Can Only Be One! where I describe the problems encountered when different projects need different packages or versions of loaded into the IDE during design time. In that post ...
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Tuesday, 31. May 2016

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What’s wrong with virtual methods called through an interface

Andy's Blog – Calling a virtual method through an interface always was a lot slower than calling a static method through an interface. But why is that? Sure, the virtual method call costs some time, but comparing it with the difference of a normal static and virtual method call shows that the timings diverge too ...
Details Favorite? Off-Topic? Andreas Hausladen @ 20:20
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MidaConverter v5.5 is now available from - adds support for RAD Studio Berlin

Sip from the Firehose – MidaConverter, the VCL to FireMonkey project converter, has announced the release of version 5.5 with support for RAD Studio Berlin. Announced yesterday (May 30, 2016), the newest release includes: VCL to VCL conversion, Total Conversion, Mobile iOS-iPad Pack ( XE5/XE6/XE7/XE8/Seattle/Berlin only ) ...
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System.ByteStrings for 10.1 Berlin

Andy's Blog – Delphi 10.1 Berlin reintroduces UTF8String and RawByteString for the NextGen compilers (Android, iOS). But ShortString and AnsiString are still missing. The compiler has full support for them but you can’t use them because they are declared with a leading underscore in the System.pas unit what makes ...
Details Favorite? Off-Topic? Andreas Hausladen @ 12:30
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