Friday, 30. October 2015

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REST Client Video Challenge

The PodCast at – Yesterday, I mentioned I built a REST client and deployed it to iOS and Android inside 5 minutes. Someone asked me to make a video actually showing how it was done. So here it is showing a simple REST client built and deployed to iOS 9.1 and Android 6.0 Marshmallow. Since I am using SpitCast, and ...
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Thursday, 29. October 2015

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Floating point modulus

DelphiTools – Support for floating point modulus has been added to DWScript, it extends the “mod” operator to accept floats. You can now have scripts with code like r := a mod PI; On x86 CPUs, the implementation will use the FPREM CPU instruction, which provides a relatively high precision (much ...
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October 2015 XE6 Hotfix Available

Marco's Tech Blog – Following the XE7 counterpart, there is now a hotfix available for RAD Studio XE6, called "October 2015 XE6 Update Subscription Update". This includes a subset of the issues fixed in the recent XE7 hotfix. Again, this hotfix is available only to Update Subscription customers, as an extra bonus for ...
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Delphi Win64 Compiler hotfix for 10 Seattle

Sip from the Firehose –   Delphi Win64 Compiler hotfix for 10 Seattle Enterprise (Beta) This is a hot fix for Delphi 10 Seattle and RAD Studio 10 Seattle Object Pascal Win64 compiler, addressing the issue reported in This ...
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Using the Network List Manager (NLM) API from Delphi

The Road to Delphi – The Network List Manager (NLM) API (introduced on Windows Vista) allows you to retrieve a list of available connections and properties of each network .Also the  NLM API  support notifications (events) about the availability of new network connections or changes to existing network connections. This ...
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