Monday, 16. March 2015

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String Lookup: Hash, Sorted or Unsorted ?

DelphiTools – When looking up a string, what is the fastest strategy? A hash map, a sorted list or an unsorted list? Of course it depends on how many strings you have, but where are the cutoff points? Here is a quick test, and an interesting tidbit is uncovered… Without further ado, here is the result ...
Details Favorite? Off-Topic? Eric Grange @ 17:17
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Delphi Dev.Shell Tools, WDCC, Delphi Preview Handler moved to Github

The Road to Delphi – I just moved more projects from Code Google to GitHub delphi-dev-shell-tools – Shell Extension for Object Pascal Developers. delphi-preview-handler – Source code preview handler for Windows. delphi-wmi-class-generator – Creates Object Pascal classes to access the WMI vcl-styles- ...
Details Favorite? Off-Topic? Rodrigo @ 17:11
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Movie #109 - Working with Legacy Code

LearnDelphi.TV – In this video we examine some tools and techniques for managing legacy code.  This was a replay of a webinar I did with Arena Business Technology, The full blurb: For increased performance, functionality, reliability and manageability Is your code easy to change it? Can you find and eliminate unused ...
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