Sunday, 14. September 2014

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Zombie Apps (not) in the Apple App Store

Te Waka o Delphi – In the run up to the announcement of the new iPhone 6 and the Apple Watch, Apple also revamped iTunes Connect, the portal through which apps are submitted to the App Store. Unfortunately the new interface has a number of problems which I spent wasted hours dealing with yesterday. Beginning at the ...
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Saturday, 13. September 2014

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VerySimpleXML 2.0 – a lightweight, cross-platform, one-unit XML reader/writer for Delphi 2010-XE7

The curse of Dennis D. Spreen – There are lot of possibilities if you’re in need to parse or write XML files: use TXMLDocument (the MS XML wrapper) or use a xml component like OmniXML, NativeXml, ADOM, SAX, libxml2, DIXml, fcl-XML, Fast XMLParser, SimpleXML, OXml, or VerySimpleXML 1.0 Now here comes another one: the updated ...
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Why PDWORD is not a pointer to DWORD

The Programming Works – Once upon a time the Delphi team lead decided that Delphi should contain declarations of C++ types like unsigned long for the sake of better C++ compatibility. So he has written type CppULongInt = LongWord; No, that is not good thought the team lead. Delphi’s LongWord is a 32-bit type ...
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