Sunday, 19. January 2014

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The Best Programming Books on my Bookshelf. None are language specific.

Delphi Code Monkey – I was one of the many people crying out for More Delphi Books, and I am glad to see that recently we have seen new books from Nick Hodges, and from others.  Today I'd like to cover the top five non-language-specific general books on programming that I think every developer should read.1. ...
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Saturday, 18. January 2014

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QR Code Generation Using Delphi XE 5 / DelphiZXingQRCode

Sip from the Firehose – Žarko Gajić shows you how to add QR Code generation to your Delphi VCL and FireMonkey applications. His article uses a Delphi wrapper for the ZXing open source barcode image processing library ( Zarko has written two recent articles on his "On ...
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Delphi XE5 hotfix 4: reFInd updated

Behind the connection – Embarcadero published hotfix #4 for Delphi XE5 and C++ Builder XE5. This hotfix is an update for the command line tool "reFInd". If you don't know reFInd, it is a tool to help migrating code to Delphi XE5. It is a kind of search and replace on files using Perl RegEx expressions. For example, you ...
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Loading the app’s icon into a TImage on Android

Delphi Haven – Working with Delphi for Android, I wanted to load my app’s icon into a TImage. Here’s the code I came up with: uses AndroidApi.JniBridge, AndroidApi.Jni.App, AndroidApi.Jni.GraphicsContentViewText, FMX.Helpers.Android, FMX.Surfaces; function GetAppIcon(Dest: TBitmap): Boolean; var ...
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Delphi Blogs of the Week #1

Marco's Tech Blog – Notable Delphi blog posts of the last week, trying to turn this into a regular series, given I was doing this anyway, but on a less regular base. You can consider this as a Delphi blog post guide from the Delphi Product Manager. Or just a list of things you might have missed and worth checking. ...
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