Thursday, 12. December 2013

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Fine Tune FM controls in XE5 Update 2

Marco's Tech Blog – This is really a hidden gem from our IDE team: You can now fine tune position and size of FireMonkey controls using the keyboard, like in the VCL. Not much to say or to show. Drop a component in a FireMonkey designer (desktop or mobile) and press: Shift key + arrows to resize in pixel at ...
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Let’s Build a Compiler… In F#!

Craig Stuntz's Weblog – I’m building a small compiler for a toy language which emits .NET executables, implemented in F#. Demo compilers are a dime a dozen, but there are a few things which make this project distinct: No lexer or parser generators are used. The entire compiler is written from the ground up, and is ...
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MapFileStats v1.5 – Improved DCU Statistics

DelphiTools – My small utility that gives binary size statistics from the Map file just got updated to version 1.5 This updates improves statistics gathered and reported for DCU file sizes, and introduces a small speedup. Here are the highlights: Auto-detect Delphi DCUs directory, DCU ratio statistics are now ...
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FireMonkey Mobile Preview in XE5 Update 2

Marco's Tech Blog – The first hidden gem in Delphi XE5 Update 2 is the Mobile Preview. It is not that hidden, and in fact is is documented on The goal of this preview is to let you compile and test and debug mobile applications on Windows (with a much faster ...
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Some note on migrating Delphi code to XE5

Stephen Ball – I’ve recently been working with a customer who is migrating code from Delphi 5 up to Delphi XE5 and I thought it would be great to share wider some of the links and notes regularly asked for. The language and IDE has moved on a long way in the recent years since Embarcadero purchased Delphi, ...
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Delphi postbuild events: interesting take by David Heffernan (via: Stack Overflow)

The Wiert Corner – StackOverflow user David Heffernan – Stack Overflow has an interesting take on Delphi postbuild events: At the moment my actiona read: if exist PostBuild.bat call PostBuild.bat $(Platform) $(Config) $(OutputDir) And then the PostBuild.bat script calls a Python script so that I can write my ...
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