Friday, 18. October 2013

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Wireless Android Debugging with Delphi xE5

The PodCast at – Previously I blogged about how to connect to an emulator on a remote (or the host) machine. That also works for hardware connected to remote machines. But sometimes you want to work with hardware that isn’t even connected at all. Not to worry, here is how to wirelessly connect and debug with ...
Details Favorite? Off-Topic? Jim McKeeth @ 21:37
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TurboPascal PCODE compiler implemented in JavaScript

Delphi Code Monkey – Anybody who doubts the sincerity of my last post (the PC desktop is headed inexorably towards a  legacy technology status) and who also is into Nostalgia, should check this out.It's a mostly-complete TurboPascal compiler written in JavaScript that compiles to a UCSD-PCODE equivalent bytecode ...
Details Favorite? Off-Topic? Warren Postma @ 19:17
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Time-stepping for Games and Simulations

DelphiTools – The built-in time-stepping support for the upcoming release of SmartMS got an overhaul in the form of a now frame-rate oriented Game View component, and a simulation-oriented TMetronome time-stepper. This article quickly discusses the theory, changes, and gives an introduction for use in games and ...
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Things I Learned from Delphi CodeRage 8

The PodCast at – Mostly from CodeRage 8, but some is from my time working for Embarcadero. I believe I’ve presented at every CodeRage, but this is my first time on the other side. It is also the biggest CodeRage by a significant margin. I’m sure the two events are unrelated, but it is still exciting. ...
Details Favorite? Off-Topic? Jim McKeeth @ 07:23
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VCL Threading – Indeterminate Lifetimes

Te Waka o Delphi – Sometimes when you launch a thread you don’t know when it will complete whatever processing it is tasked with. Sometimes you do. Sometimes it may never complete and will require that you expressly terminate it. Usually any given thread will have a lifecycle that is at least consistently one or ...
Details Favorite? Off-Topic? Deltics @ 06:23
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