Friday, 5. July 2013

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Don’t expect the Parent property to be set inside an FMX control’s Paint method

Delphi Haven – So… I’m working on a little custom FireMonkey control. As in the VCL, if you want to handle drawing a custom control yourself, you need to override its Paint method. In my case the override was looking like this: procedure TMyChildControl.Paint; begin if (Parent <> nil) and ...
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An Unusual Open Source Project for Delphi, by Me.

Delphi Code Monkey – You might not know that second to Delphi, my favorite programming language is Python.     Also, my favorite version control system, Mercurial, is written in Python, and I keep all my Delphi projects in Mercurial repositories.   I use Git when I have to, such as when contributing to ...
Details Favorite? Off-Topic? Warren Postma @ 16:47
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Flying Back Home From Scotts Valley

Marco's Tech Blog – I'm at the Amsterdam airport on my way home after 10 days in Scotts Valley. When I'm at the office I get so busy meeting with people, that it is hard to find the time to blog. So here is a short summary of things I've done: I had lots of meetings and conversations at Embarcadero office ...
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