Tuesday, 2. April 2013

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Cocoa/CoreFoundation Bridging Explained

RemObjects Blogs – “Bridging” is a new language feature introduced to Objective-C alongside ARC, that i believe is not very widely understood, at least not fully. Cocoa always had the ability to “toll-free bridge” between Cocoa objects, such as NSString and their underlying non-object-oriented ...
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ThreadSafe Lock Manager: [1] Design

The Delphi Geek – Few weeks ago I ran into a problem. I needed a thread-synchronizing code that would work similar to a critical section, but would allow me to lock “anything”. If I could limit myself to objects, I could live with TMonitor.Enter/Exit, but I specifically wanted to limit access to some string keys. [In ...
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Data Abstract for Java Samples on Google Play

RemObjects Blogs – I’m happy to announce the availability of the DA SQL Sample – our first, but definitely not last, sample application that is available on Google Play. It is written in Java and powered by our Data Abstract for Java framework. Now it is even easier for you to give the possibilities of Data Abstract ...
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