Tuesday, 26. February 2013

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Multi-Device C++ is used everywhere on planet Earth and beyond!

Sip from the Firehose – In my conversation with Bjarne Stroustrup during the CodeRage 7 C++ Conference (replays of the sessions are available to watch and download) last December, Bjarne talked about how pervasive C++ is in enterprises, infrastructures, major application software and operating platforms. C++ is used to ...
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Operator overloading for records

Behind the connection – Operator overloading for records Operator overloading is a mechanism which gives you control over what an operator does on a given data type. Applied to a record, you can use it to provide a transparent conversion from one data type to another. The example code I will show in a moment comes from ...
Details Favorite? Off-Topic? François Piette @ 21:31
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Turning the V-model upside down: The A-model

Compas Pascal – The V-model is well known in many software development models: However, this drawing, which is very representative for V-model drawings, has several inconsistencies. One of them is the arrow, that goes back in time. Another one is, that it puts Operation and Maintenance into the Project Test ...
Details Favorite? Off-Topic? Lars D @ 10:16
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Behind the Code with Anders Hejlsberg (via: Cape Cod Gunny Does Delphi: Priceless)

The Wiert Corner – I remember having heard this interview on audio a long while ago, but couldn’t find it back. Now I stumbled across Cape Cod Gunny writing about this great video where Anders Hejlsberg is interviews by Research Channel for an hour. To quote Cape Cod Gunny: I just watched this interview with ...
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