Monday, 29. October 2012

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hcOPF ReadOnly Object Attributes – For those of you looking at upgrading to XE2 for live bindings, or XE3 to get visual live bindings I thought I would mention that hcOPF supports object binding with earlier versions of Delphi (D7 and up).  Not only that, but you’re not reliant on a black box expression engine.  Bindings in ...
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ITDevCon 2012 Pictures

Marco's Tech Blog – Here is a very short summary (mostly through pictures) of the ITDevCon conference last week in Verona, Italy. You can read three conference summaries at and and the one from Daniele, ...
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Welcome New OTL Committer!

The Delphi Geek – Christian W. Budde has kindly offered to do a long-neglected housekeeping on the OmniThreadLibrary SVN tree. He now has committing rights and is already busy fixing .dproj files, SVN external references and other small things that I never have time to work upon. The current state of the SVN tree ...
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ITDevCon 2012 – RECAP

Daniele Teti's programming blog – Last friday is just ended the 4th edition of ITDevCon. This conference is, now, the biggest Delphi conference in Europe, in terms of speakers, speeches and topics… no doubt! Some numbers: 2 days 31 speeches 15 speakers from all over the world (Italy, USA, Norway, Slovenia, Benelux) 70 ...
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TPictureClip - Image Matrix

About Delphi Programming – Enhance VCL :: The TPictureClip control will store multiple images that can be used by other Delphi controls. All images are contained in a single bitmap. Selected regions can then be 'clipped' from the bitmap and, for example, used with a TImage control to create animations. Read the full ...
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