Sunday, 28. October 2012

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The Delphi Geek – The ITDevCon 2012 is over and I’m back at home, resting and gathering impressions. The conference was even better organized than previous years and everything was running as smooth as possible (with the small exception of the projector in the main hall, which somehow was not capable of giving out a ...
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Fun Code of the Week #6: Primality Checking

Nick Hodges –   I decided to give KhanAcademy a spin, and watched this set of videos:  Level 1: Primality Test And that let to me writing this code: function IsPrime(const x: integer): Boolean; var i: integer; begin i := 2; repeat if X mod i = 0 then begin Result := False; ...
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Saturday, 27. October 2012

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Flotsam and Jetsam #68

Nick Hodges – Is it me, or does it seem like there are more Delphi conferences happening in Europe than there has been in the past? I totally get the notion of being on hold to wait for customer service.  I usually put the call on speaker phone and wait that way.  They usually play music and go ...
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Delphi, RAD Studio and C++Builder upgrades from any earlier version until December 31, 2012

Delphi Insider – Upgrade pricing on Delphi, C++Builder and RAD Studio is generally available only to registered users of the prior few versions but from time to time, upgrade pricing is made available to all earlier version users for a limited time. Now through December 31, 2012 is an opportunity for users of ...
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31 XE3 quick videos in 31 days - Oct24 - Building a FM2 OSX App and Submit it to the Mac Store

Sip from the Firehose – RAD Studio XE3 now allows you to create a Delphi and C++Builder FireMonkey 2 application for OS X and submit it to the Apple Macintosh App Store. You build your application in the RAD Studio IDE, add an OS X target platform node. You debug your application and when you are ready you can select the ...
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