Sunday, 10. June 2012

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TVirtualInterface: Interfaces without an Implementing Class

Nick Hodges – I would be really disappointed if we spent an hour discussing software development and I didn’t at least once say to you "Program against interfaces, not against implementations".  It’s sort of a mantra for me – a way of life if you will.  It’s a bedrock principle ...
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Italian Delphi Day 2012 in Tweets

Marco's Tech Blog – mbreveglieri (Marco Breveglieri) Stephen Ball (Embarcadero): "FireMonkey is the future business 2D/3D application library born to plug multiple platforms". #delphidayita ...
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Rounding the Currency type like they taught us in school

Cape Cod Gunny Does Delphi – I started using Delphi's Currency type for it's accuracy only to discover it doesn't round the way I would have expected it to round. I remember being taught in school that when rounding numbers if the remainder was equal to or greater than five you round up otherwise you round down.For ...
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Delphi Haven – In my previous post I wondered out loud what was the best way to index my book (this will be for the print edition by the way, which I’m definitely going to do now). The consensus seemed to be ‘mark the index entries manually’, and once I actually started the process, it ...
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