Friday, 8. June 2012

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Why I still hate, and yet grudgingly respect, C++

Delphi Code Monkey – There are lots of great "Programmer to Programmer" questions on the sister-site to StackOverflow, called, where a lot of the general non-programming related questions that are somewhat software development related, but not exact technical questions with exact technical ...
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Fun Code of the Week #4

Nick Hodges – Adapted from my answer on StackOverflow: function RemoveChars(const aString: string; aCharsToRemove: TSysCharSet): string; var C: Char; begin Result := ''; for C in aString do begin if not CharInSet(C, aCharsToRemove) then begin Result := Result + C; end; end; end;
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FireMonkey iPhone/iPad links and info

Brian Long – This week’s instalment of the UK-based Developer Direct webinar series is called iPhone/iPad Development with RAD Studio XE2. The following is a set of links and general information picked up during that broadcast and also during a US webinar by Anders Ohlsson (broadcast during the week and ...
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Crypting Your INI (Configuration) Files

About Delphi Programming – in INI Files :: In most of my applications I'm using INI files to store configuration options. INI files are text based documents with a simple structure. A user can open your INI files using Notepad or similar applications and see or manually change the content. For one particular situation I ...
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